CLUSTRIA offers to codify over 80 product management processes, optimizing the organization of your supply chain.


These processes are available on private cloud, secured hosting or rolled out directly on site with the client.

As a federation of companies, a cluster assembles complex products by dividing between partners functional and industrial assembly parts.

CLUSTRIA acts as a conductor of an orchestra, ensuring the organization and efficiency of a cluster, which can be compose from one to n companies. In fact, a cluster can be composed of just one enterprise whose size and breath can benefit from an organization based upon a division of a product into functional components. Consequently, CLUSTRIA can also accompany enterprises as they optimize their internal supply chains.

The A350 jigsaw puzzle :

graph rang 1

CLUSTRIA enables a federation of resources to respond to large projects, facilitates the emergence of specialize clusters, which serve as a stable and growing source of employment, and reinforces economic arguments against relocating manufacturing to “low cost” locations.