Clustria proposes its solutions based on 5 axis :

  1. Product management process.
  2. Interoperability interfaces for major contractors.
  3. Numerous algorithms used for process valuations.
  4. Functions dedicated to process control.
  5. Shared IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, a host of building blocks that enable the integration of existing tools commonly used in the market place, a customized approach, for example an integration of Dassault Systemes’ 3DVIA, with Spring Technology’s WIPLINK or SAP.

Why choosing CLUSTRIA ?

CLUSTRIA is the only solution that meets the problems faced throughout the production process of a product. However, the use of Clustria does not stop there, it also can track the product throughout its life and optimize its recycling to reduce costs in new product resources.

Clustria brings an answer to any problematics meet among the supply chain.

Discover the main optimizations by getting Clustria.

Overview of the working interface :