Today, 80% of value-added of industrial sectors comes from the supply chain, but most don’t have a system or methodology for managing a product, unlike some principal contractors and tier-1 suppliers.

Principals are driving changes in the supply chain, targets being reduced to cost savings by simplifying interfaces, which means a reduction in the number of tier-1 suppliers and empowering them to lead a network of tier-2 suppliers and more, which are brought under their management.

Consequently, subcontractors now have the role of project management and exercise that new authority in the supply chain over other suppliers.

The solutions CLUSTRIA, therefore, respond to the needs of an ensemble of actors in the supply chain seeking optimal performance._wsb_168x305_industrie

Target industries are :

– Aeronautic, 
– Automobile, 

However, studies are currently underway to apply this methodology to other industries:

– Pharmaceutical.

Industrial clients can expected the following benefits from a partnership with CLUSTRIA:

– Economies of scale in terms of information systems but also in the investment of equipment and services. In fact, the global vision of CLUSTER enables the pooling of resources and group procurement.
– Increase in turn time on every process, resulting in a rapid return on investment.
– A harmonized and unique system, no matter the final client and avoiding multiple user interfaces.
– The ability for contractors to work with competitor clients confidentially, protecting the economic intelligence of all parties
– Accounting valorization of know-how that can be leveraged to finance a company’s future development.