Training programs offered by CLUSTRIA enable principals to enhance their options and subcontractors to minimize the methodologies and IT systems needed to collaborate with them.

With numerous industry examples (successes and failures), our training dissects the components of the aeronautics supply chain, from its origins to the present, following the innovations that have contributed to each program and have led to a collaborative CLUSTER. Other interventions will enlarge the scope of the training to include other industries, for example in the automobile and pharmaceutics sectors.
It also highlights new perspectives for process harmonization and interoperability in the optimization of a CLUSTER and the creation of market for intangibles.


Primarily focused on businesses working in the aeronautics sector and their approach to the phases of product management (PLM), the training is suitable for “accounting/commercial” profiles in the phase creation product diversity marketing/sales as well as the financial aspects resulting from these activities. Lastly, purely technical information system training is also offered.

Training can be organized according to the needs of the client:

– predetermined program
– module by module
– tailor-made in accordance with the client’s objectives (numbers of participants par session)

A complete list of the courses, modules and study tracks can be found below:

Training table

Target profiles for the above-mentioned courses are :

– Undergraduate engineering and university students
– Students seeking to specialize after completing a general curriculum
– Employees benefiting from continuing education
– Public sponsored retraining

A multiple-choice evaluation after each training insures feedback and continued improvement.

Example of proposed sequences:

Product management
Product management platforms
PLM tools benchmarking

CLUSTRIA is partnered with ITG and FORMIDIAS for the organization of its training.